Bring It On! – DoWoo #242/365

What is it about “things” which have people arguing and grappling to possess?  It appears I am coming full circle in my life about owning things at the same time as my family is in the midst of waiting to hear about our mother’s will and allocation of her things.  

Why do so many of us hold stock in the materialistic nature of our environment?

momentsI was on the receiving end of a conversation with a sibling today – where she shared her perspective on what our mother had intended, what she had offered, what was not accepted and now regretted, how others were perceiving the transactions – the list goes on. I found myself listening…doing my best to understand and decipher the truth. All I observed was the sadness of being so attached to these things. 

I later was on a call for business when the person I was exchanging information shared how they were just recovering…and just back to work…from chemotherapy.  I then spoke briefly to a friend of ours this evening who was exhausted with the work load of her business…not knowing when it would lighten up. 

I step back this evening and wonder…what is it about ‘work’ and ‘money’ and ‘things’ which has us so enamoured that we allow them to envelope our daily existence?   Do we feel there is no choice? What is the purpose? What is accomplished by it all? 

I observe I am learning to release things. Learning to put my existence into perspective. Learning to allow the messages being shared by the situations of other to be heard.  There is a definite shift going on in my universe. A shift in my understanding.  It is not fully clear – as yet. But I am observing and I am listening.  

I look forward to the next lesson…


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