Be – DoWoo #248/365

I am working through the disposition of my current situation … with the end results being positive beyond belief. All is as it should be, with God providing what is needed to be all that I need to be.  I ride the wave, rising above the strife and misery and rejoice in my enlightenment. 

question markPlease pause now and ask yourself whether there is something which can be stated which is all encompassing towards your dharma – your true life’s purpose?  What would this one sentence be?   

One mantra which came to mind was included within the Master Key teachings of Charles Haanel: “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!”  Charles explained this sentence is all encompassing and cannot be improved upon. 

While considering this sentence I have always chosen to look at is as individual statements.  This time I envisioned  what being “____” looked like, meant, represented from my perspective.   Interestingly, no matter what vision solidified in my mind, the same ending to each statement remained the same.

Consider “I am ____”.  Picture each as something which relates to the statement and your life.

I am whole .

I am perfect.

I am strong. 

I am powerful. 

I am loving. 

I am harmonious. 

I am happy.

Ask yourself again…is there something which can be added to finish off each of these statements and be all encompassing?  This is how I answered:

I am whole – as I am meant to be.

I am perfect – as I am meant to be.

I am strong – as I am meant to be

I am powerful  – as I am meant to be

I am loving – as I am meant to be

I am harmonious – as I am meant to be

I am happy – as I am meant to be.

I could state “I am _____ – as I am meant to be.” putting anything in that space.   This conclusion of each statement is true for me, it is what is all encompassing for me. Then…(stay with me here)…if I am all that I am meant to be, then anything which may be perceived as a challenge is meant to be….so there is absolutely no reason for any struggle.  Allow.  

I summarize that it is not only “as I am meant to be” but “as God intended me to be”.  Working with THIS assumption reminds me of my mentor’s declarations “We were made first class, by first class, to be first class.” 

Be as God intended. 


i am

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