Superb Resilience – DoWoo #249/365

Walter reminded me to look to our almost 10 year old son and observe how HE was handling this evenings news…to emulate all that he exudes based upon the environment and teachings we have shared with him.

CaptureFor those who are following our journey, you will know that we have been on a roller coaster ride for some time as it relates to taking our dog Mya with us to Costa Rica.  A quick recap for those who have not…We thought we were able to bring her with us on a flight with AA to Liberia only to find out (after spending $1,000) that they do not take that large of a crate. Then we confirmed with Air Canada only to find out that they have an embargo on – and no cargo animals for the balance of this year (nothing to do with Costa Rica – strictly Air Canada). Then we confirmed with Delta for September because from mid May to mid September there is a flight restriction due to heat.

TODAY I found out that Delta does not ship live animals from Canada as Cargo.  While we personally spoke to Delta – supposedly they only do this out of the US and not Canada.  AND we cannot drive down to the US and hop on a plane there because the paperwork has to match from country of departure and in order to get US paperwork, we would need to live in the US for 6 months.

After explaining this to both Walter and Gregory this evening, the 3 of us were all wearing sad faces.  We always do our best to explain to our little man what is going on – allowing him to experience and learn to work with the ups and downs  life throws our way. We explained that it did not look promising anymore. However, there are loads of dogs in Costa Rica and once we find a new home for Mya maybe we can be the new home for a dog down there.

Not 5 minutes later, Gregory asks me “What will we name our dog in Costa Rica?”

We discussed waiting to meet the dog to determine his or her personality. I then explained what I knew about Costa Rica and dogs – and the differences in how each country treats different animals. I explained there were lots of dogs who needed help in Costa Rica and if this is what ends up happening – we will have a good selection.  He immediately asked if we could adopt 2.

I explained we would wait till we knew for sure about Mya before we make any firm decisions on adopting there – especially coming back in September – we should wait till we are there more permanently before we commit – otherwise we will have the same issue we are having now.

He turned to me and explained that he just wanted to get excited about the new possibilities in order to deal with the sadness of not having Mya with us.   My son’s resilience is a reminder of the Law of Substitution. Once replaced with another thought, the first thought no longer has centre stage.  


4 thoughts on “Superb Resilience – DoWoo #249/365

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    A beloved pet is more than a thought, though….. And the Law of Substitution might be a form of avoidance and/or denial in this case. How brilliant that Gregory recognizes that he is applying the law to deal with (aka avoid his feelings) regarding thd probability of losing his dog. Do consider encouraging the expression of those very real and valid feelings. Celebrate each day …… What does The Wizard of Og say? Live each day as if it is your last.
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    1. Carolynn Sokil - I Do Woo; Do U? Post author

      We did speak with him about how we were each feeling – in that we are sad, we want to bring her, and assured him we were doing what we could. Over dinner, he and I spoke about what it would be like with her and also the pros and cons of what it would be like without her. He shared what he would miss but also what he envisions it may be like without having her with us. We can only do what we can do. Any additional guidance is appreciated Cassandra – this is a hard situation to work with.

  2. Walter

    Gregory is quite adept at moving forward and not dwelling. We all experienced as he shared “a tightness in his throat”. By having him part of the process he knows that every possible effort is being made to have Mya stay with our family.

    1. Carolynn Sokil - I Do Woo; Do U? Post author

      Yes, I forgot about that part. He commented his throat hurt which he knows is when he is sad or upset about something. I explained my tummy feels all rumbly. What he appears to be a bit more adept at is immediately looking for the positive aspect where he can take himself. He typically acknowledges that he is still sad – just finds that silver lining and focuses there.


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