Parenthood – DoWoo #24/365

I LOVE I have been given the opportunity to be a parent!  I LOVE that my little man is exactly who he is.  Sometimes he just cracks me up!  He embraces all the teachings we have shared. 

P9204044Today he came home from school with an information package about taking a 16 week Karate Kid class during one lunch period per week.  I was reading through it when he asked me “Does it interest you?”  Included were a list of benefits your child would learn from taking the class.  The last one being “fun!”  He said: “I already know how to do that…I’m a Yellow!” He already talks in his Colour Code.

Later he and I were talking and I used the word “Don’t” in a sentence. He immediately said “Or?”  We have taught him the universe does not understand the word “don’t” and that we should always use the positive phrase. As an example – rather than say “Don’t fall down” we would say “Stay up-right”. I gave him the ability to correct me which he has done faithfully – but because he was giving me the alternate positive phrase – I asked him to prompt me by saying “Or?” which he now does frequently.  

It’s truly amazing how quickly kids pick up on new philosophies – whatever those may be.  

My observation today is that I LOVE being a parent! 


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