Price of Admission – DoWoo #252/365

question markHad a conversation at dinner this evening which took an interesting turn into belly laughter. We were discussing finishing the food on your plate when I stated “I always finish what’s on my plate…sometimes, I just have other people help me with some of it.” Walter advised he tried every permutation he could to make this statement make sense in his mind…he could just not see the logic in this statement. Gregory piped up to say “No logic!.” 

I tried explaining my rationale that just because it was on my plate at some point, did not mean I had to finish it, only that it needed to be be finished.  If some of the food made it onto Walter’s plate then it was no longer on my plate to finish – ergo, once I finished what was left I was finished. Gregory looked at me and said “bubble above my head with a question mark”.

laughWe went back and forth a bit with this – and every time I mentioned it in any way, Walter started chuckling and said “no more” as I was making him laugh. What I loved was when Gregory asked to have one of the last pieces of garlic bread….upon my response that he had to finish what was on his plate, he immediately picked up the last piece of potato and said…”Guess what I’m going to do?”  His fork reached over to Walter’s plate and the potato was gone from Gregory’s plate – ultimately allowing his plate to be finished.

Walter and I howled with laughter. I told Gregory that his actions were priceless and caused a good chuckle. He could proceed this one time! Love how quick he is on picking up the levity of the situation. 

Today was a very good mother’s day!  I was spoiled by both my men. And Gregory…well, he is a reminder that my trek into motherhood has been totally well worth the price of admission.

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