No Rear View Mirror! – DoWoo #253/365

2 suitecaseWe had explained to Gregory we were each aiming to have only 2 suitcases with us initially – and then a very limited amount of stuff was going into storage. When we go down in September we will decide whether we need to bring anything else with us. While Walter and I have done most of the sorting of our individual and household stuff, we’ve asked Gregory to be responsible for deciding what he will bring from his belongings.  I’ve shown him the size of container he is allowed to work with. He sorted.  Then we show him a slightly smaller container for specific things – and he sorted again.

Pokemon_cards-22/3 of one whole large bin ended up being Pokemon cards.  He had started collecting about 3 years ago, and worked hours in the yard to purchase more, spending holiday gift money on these cards.  All with the intended “goal” of collecting them all.  However, the company keeps coming up with new ones he explained…so he’s not sure how long it will take.

During his recent sort – he removed all the Pokemon cards into one pile and said he was giving them to his friend Anil.  He explained “they” were sharing and so Anil would just have them all unless Greg needed some and then Anil could share back.  Anil went home today with the ENTIRE collection from the last 3 years.

I mentioned my concern to Walter…what if he decided he wanted them again once we moved? Turns out our son has learned that it’s perfectly OK to move on – releasing these aspects in their totality. He now has a new “goal” which he plans to keep with him during our travels – to collect all the Geronimo Stilton books.  The good news is you can purchase these on your e-reader so they take up minimal space.

I recognize that I need to follow our son’s example.  While I have been releasing things, I’ve not been as good at the totality because I wonder “what if I need it??”.  Like “they” say about your clothes closet, if you haven’t worn it in the last year…toss it!  If I am planning to drive forward, I can’t be doing this while looking in the rear view mirror. 

Today I observed Gregory’s ability to NOT look in the rear view mirror.  Although he has a limited idea about what driving a car is all about – he certainly stays focused on moving forward.


2 thoughts on “No Rear View Mirror! – DoWoo #253/365

  1. Walter

    Gregory’s sole focus is forward. How beautiful to witness this. No time for dwelling in the past only an amazing future over every horizon. Glad to be learning from this living example of hope and faith in what the future holds for us.
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