Take A Picture – DoWoo #254/365

crafts-3The wonderful thing about being a mom is that our son brings home all sorts of crafts, pictures he created, rocks he painted, cards he put together….and interestingly he expects me to keep them ALL.  I recently had to explain to Gregory that we may need to double our storage rental if I were to have kept everything he ever made or gave us.  

A few weeks ago there was something he had drawn and he wanted me to keep it. While I did keep things for years, I’ve been rather brutal recently and have let much of this go.  I explained to Gregory we could take a picture of it, that way we will have it with us without it taking up any room. He thought this was a great idea and did not have appear to have any (rear view mirror) issues with it going into the garbage once we digitized it on our camera. 

20150512_212842Today we dismantled Gregory’s bunk bed as it was being purchased by someone. Gregory is now sleeping on the last piece of his bedroom set – the bottom mattress where Mya usually sleeps.  He asked her to come in and snuggle with him.  He called out to me to come see her in his bed with him.  I explained my camera battery was low so I would not be able to take a picture with the flash.  He replied “Just take a picture with your mind.”   I no longer rely on my memory (LOL) so took one without the flash – after turning on the light!  

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