Flying – DoWoo #258/365

We completed our final garage sale today.  Ended up with 2 car loads being dropped off at the donation centre which supports local charities.  The balance of our belongings were sold clearing out over 30 bins of “stuff”.    I remember bringing all those bins home and filing them with everything we own in order to ‘de-clutter’ the house for selling.  

Walter likens our “stuff” – the materialistic aspects of our daily existence – to be small anchors which hold us in place.  I have to admit the more “stuff which goes out of this house, the more free-er I am feeling.  Anchors appear to be a good analogy and certainly the visual fits. 

bird on branch

The best part of the garage sale today was parting with stuff I loved by seeing someone else find joy in it.  Watching someone try on a piece of clothing and oooh and ahh at themselves in the mirror.  Seeing someone pick something up – and by the light in their eyes it seemed they found something they were looking for.  We even had repeat customers from 2 weeks ago.  

I observed a significant amount of closure today AND I am grateful beyond anything I could have imagined.   We are flying! 

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