A Sine Wave Day – DoWoo #259/365

Most of the time I am told people perceive me as being a positive individual. And a good portion of this time it is true. However, sometimes I admit I realign myself on purpose – to point myself in the direction of positivity – even when I don’t feel so inclined. Today was one of those days. 

sine waveI am reminded of my mother’s words when I was a teen – my highs are really high and my lows are really low and I should really strive for something not so drastic either way.  Yesterday I was exhausted but excited – it almost felt like we were taking flight. Today I was exhausted, reflective, anxious, upset, despondent…and generally speaking, the most negative I have been in quite some time.  


In considering what happened today – how it all came crashing down – I recalled how exhilarated I had felt only 48 hours ago…when all the stars were in alignment for us. Today…not so much! How could I be one way one day and so far on the other within such a short period of time?  

I imagine that by “evening” out my moods, I could choose to alter both the positive and the negative results…maybe my days could look like this….

sine wave 2


sine wave 3

Walter reminded me of a quote from Robin Sharma “On the other side of your greatest fears lies your biggest growth.” – Our greatest life lies on the other side of our greatest fears!  There is so much we must understand in order to fully embrace this reality. We must first obliterate our inner fears before the ability to do the same to our outer fears are possible.  It starts within. 

Tomorrow morning when I awake I will have come full circle.  I am on the adventure of a life time. Why would I willingly choose to waste any time dwelling on all the possible challenges which may arise? Life has it’s ups and downs. Everything is in balance in order to maintain the cosmos…otherwise we would have chaos.  I choose magnificent mountains for my highs and sandy ocean beaches for my lows.  My struggles are all part of the ride.  Without them…how could I possibly appreciate the joy in all it’s glory?  All is as it will be – as it was meant to be.  

2 thoughts on “A Sine Wave Day – DoWoo #259/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    I totally understand your emotional cycle and experience the same sometimes too. Appreciation is born out of contrast and even our emotions need a little downtime to relax. Feeling on a positive high 24/7 can be equally exhausting as being always negative. In nature everything goes through cycles and things must die in order to bloom again more magnificently.
    Music is one of the quickest ways to raise (or lower) your vibration. I created a YouTube list of my favourite feel good music which I can listen to on my iPad first thing in the morning when I wake which automatically gets my body, emotions and spirit feeling happy, focused and high before I put one foot on the floor.
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