3s & 8s – DoWoo #25/365

Did a lot of number crunching today – both for the Master Key class which starts on Sunday and my consulting work. Looking at all those numbers, I tend to recognize whenever I see patterns. It’s not often but occasionally I do see a pattern with 3 of one number and 2 of another.

guided-meditation-300x246I have a philosophy which has served me well.  I allow everything with a grain of salt. Because of this, when a friend of mine shared a book about numbers and angels, whenever I see a combination with a minimum of 2 of one number and 3 of another, I always look up Doreen Virtue’s Number Sequence From The Angels. It’s almost like getting a coded message whenever the universe wants to show you…and you are paying attention.

So…the point.  I saw a combination of 3s and 8s.  3’s and 8’s, such as 338 or 383 – “Keep going,” the masters say to you. Boost the energy and focus of your thoughts and feelings. Realign your outlook with the knowledge of your oneness with God, everyone, and all life.

Here I am concentrating on being a better more aligned version of myself – allowing my pure potential to shine and in the process of recording my journey…possibly help others.  I am blessed to be learning all that I am learning at this time.  May I continue to be blessed to continuously understand it and be able to share it with others to enrich all our lives.

I Do Woo:  Do You?

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