Bamboo Solution – DoWoo #260/365

Today I considered the option of purchasing sheets for our rental beds. The owner has linen but suggested we bring our own – commenting some people find it more comfortable to use their own.  And if we choose to wait and decide to purchase there – supposedly the available options for good bed linen are not many.  Purchasing something specifically to bring was not on our plan but the more I thought about it, I decided to look into this further.  

sheetsOur landlord also explained that with the humidity the sheets can sometimes feel damp and therefore cold. She purchased the electric mattress heaters which she suggests we turn on about 15 minutes before bed and then everything feels better. 

My search began on line and within only a few sights I found one set of sheets which sounded interesting – bamboo and cotton.  I figure since bamboo is from rain forests, this may be something to consider.  Then I read the reviews and they were all 4 and 5 stars.  One of the reviews said they purchased the product for their place in Panama – due to the dampness and humidity – and they were fantastic!  

We have a winner!

Now….while I AM getting rid of the majority of what I own…I still appreciate a good shop now and again.  I especially love getting either a good deal or something extraordinary.  I promise to come back to you on how they turn out.   

Walter just came in to hear my DoWoo.  After reading this, we chatted and then as he was leaving he came over to give me a kiss and saw I was already looking online for sizes and rates. He said “A little bit of retail therapy.”  My answer “Ya-ah!”  I guess I’m not so ‘recovered’ after-all. 

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