Small Blessings – DoWoo #261/365

We are in receipt of a multitude of small blessings from the Universe and I am most grateful.

marriottWe have 12 days from closing until we fly out.  I decided to check my Marriott Rewards and voila! I had enough for 8 out of the 10 days we need to be in town. And the kind service rep on the phone maximized this to cover the more expensive dates so our overall cost was at a minimum. 

When we were all stressed out about not taking Mya – we had a slew of responses to the ad we posted and one of them was a rescue organization who are wiling to work on her few quirks and make sure she is well cared for until they find her her next home – her forever family. 

mya and gregA friend of mine – someone I connected with exponentially less than a year ago – just happens to be an intuitive animal counselor. She spoke with Mya and explained what was going on with the move – and that we need to ensure she is safe and taken care of, that we still love her and want to ensure she is happy.  She provided a sense of connection with our family member whom we have to leave behind. 

sunshineWe’ve had 2 garage sales scheduled during the last few weeks and both times they called for chance of rain. Both times we had sun, blue skies and warmth.  It was truly amazing! 

garbage dayWalter and I spent the day yesterday doing yard work and he broke up all the empty boxes from our garage sale, sorted the garbage and the yard waste which resulted in more than our weekly allowance for household debris.  This morning he went on line to check with the city about the dates they allow for unlimited – voila! This week and next are considered the spring clean up time when they allow unlimited.

vortexI believe we are in the ‘groove’ as some would say. Maybe we are in the ‘vortex’ as my Yogi refers to as the ‘groove’ of synchronicity.  No matter what we choose to label it as, I observe that we are being well cared for and I am most grateful.  



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