Mya…being Mya! – DoWoo #263/365

Today was one of the hardest days we have experienced thus far in our current journey.   As I explained to Gregory….sometimes the right thing is not what is the easiest or feels the best.

Having lived on a roller coaster these past few months – as it relates to taking our dog Mya with us on this next chapter – confirming her being on an American Airlines flight and purchasing Walter a ticket at twice the price of the other airlines in order to to get her accompanied, then to finding out she could not go on the airline or to this particular airport, then finding out not even in cargo, to finding a pet carrier who said they could do it as they found a solution, only to find out they had missed the key factor I had clearly explained – it needed to be an extra large kennel, so now she could not go again, to finding one carrier that said they would take her only to find out from another source that she would not…..whew! are you as exhausted as we are?

I was seriously trying to come up with logical reasoning to share with Walter about spending $4,000 for a pet transportation company when he brought me back to reality.  

We had a very warm day and Mya was not active at all, panting and lethargic with the heat and humidity.  This would be every day in Costa Rica.  THEN, he pointed out that after we had boarded her at a pet resort for 3 days, she was never the same – it had a traumatic effect on her personality.  He asked me to think about how she would be after 12 to 24 hours on a plane in a crate, not being let out – only to arrive in a place which was hot and humid?? THEN when the pet carrier started explaining that the Costa Rican import process could be challenging – and if the paperwork was not perfect they could either ship her back to Canada immediately or euthanize her right there. None of these options sounded remotely good.

Once we took away what we wanted and concentrated on what Mya needed…I kept coming back to her needing us to keep her safe – not putting her well being at risk.  She deserves a family who do right by her – making she is is comfortable, happy and well cared for.  This meant we needed to give her up.

We dropped Mya off with the dog rescue organization today.  They are an amazing group who truly care for their charges.  They have a wooded oasis in Muskoka.  AND there is already a person who may be fostering her and is seriously considering adopting – she has 2 Belgian shepherds and the 3 got to meet each other and got along so well.

The best part was seeing how quickly she adjusted to where she was – checking everything out, the garden, the yard, the other dogs – she even wandered off by herself and explored the back yard – and when we called she came trotting from the back – ears up – happy.  This is when we knew she would be just fine.  

I cried. Walter cried.  Gregory did not but he said he was sad.  He’s doing his best to look at both sides of the coin in this matter and explained some areas we will miss and other areas (like her butt in his face in the back seat of the car) … not so much!

Last night I decided to record our play time.  Here is Mya….being Mya!  

10 thoughts on “Mya…being Mya! – DoWoo #263/365

  1. Walter

    Mya was a wonderful part of our lives for two years. Gregory showed what a responsible dog owner he is. We hope that she will give another family 10 more great years.
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    1. Carolynn Sokil - I Do Woo; Do U? Post author

      My heart did something today…not sure how to explain it. Gregory came home from school because he is not feeling well. Walter and I reminded him that we too were sad and if he needed to cry it was ok – we had. He said all he could remember was my sister reading the poem at my mom’s funeral about “remembering me with smiles, not tears” – and this is what he is doing.

  2. Sandra Owen

    I cried too. Your post was very touching and totally understandable. Sometimes we have to let go of things we love out of love for them. You have made a brave and unselfish decision out of love. Mya will be well looked after. I will email you about a book I have been reading which my business launch partner uses to help people express their emotions and feelings around loss. It is really helpful. Love to you all. xxx
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  3. Tammy Adams

    Anyone who has ever had a pet knows the bond that is formed between the animals and the humans in the family. The pure, unconditional love of an animal makes separation, either by death or life circumstances, extremely painful. This love can only be reciprocated by, as you say, putting your pet’s needs ahead of your own. Thank you for taking the time to find a rehoming organization that will keep Mya’s needs first and foremost in their minds. Thank you to the foster family who is already considering adoption of Mya. Rehoming is an excellent example of solving one of the most difficult problems family member face when their pet is unable to follow them.

    1. Wendy

      Thank you for entrusting your dear, sweet Mya into our care. She is so sweet and happy and that is a testament to you, her wonderful, caring and loving family.


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