Cathartic – DoWoo #264/365

Mya on the web

Mya at the Rescue Organization

Received a call from the Carter’s Forever Rescue Organization who we released Mya to yesterday. After a bit of catch up on how we were doing and how Mya was doing – turns out they already have someone special coming out to see her tomorrow – we got to the reason for her call.  Turns out we did not fill in the form for releasing Mya into their care.

We proceeded to go through this together, with me responding to each of the questions – being able to paint the picture with words rather than what I may have wrote down on a form with specific sized area for answers.  I was able to be verbose when I felt a need to elaborate – to allow Wendy to see how things were when interacting with Mya.  

After what may have been over an hour…Let me check the phone log, oh my, it was almost an hour and a half we spoke…I had spoken so fondly of all the amazing moments we had with Mya, describing her character.  One of the things I noticed was, for the most part, what I shared were more observant rather than opinionated. Instead of saying she was “needy”, I explained that she just always wanted to be wherever the people are.  This was also one of only a few consistent times for her to bark.  If my people are inside – bark “let me in” and if my people are outside – bark “let me out”. 

I realize this was not the intended way for the organization to receive all this detail. It was to have been completed prior to the release of Mya into their care.  However, as I sit here all I can think about is how grateful I am.  It was truly a blessing to have all these great visuals remembered, back to back, allowing me to revel in the good times we have had, all that we have done together as a family. 

Gregory came home this morning from school, claiming to have a stomach ache, and he felt like he wanted to throw up.  Concluding it may be that he was missing her, Walter reminded Gregory that both he (Walter) and I had cried, that this is a sad time – even though it was the right thing – it is still OK to feel whatever we are feeling.  

Gregory looks over at me and says “I’m remembering the poem your sister read at your mom’s funeral…that we are to ‘remember (her) with smiles, not tears.” and that’s what I’m trying to do.”  Well my little man…you are my blessing.  I just spent over an hour talking fondly of our time with Mya – what she did with us, what she did for us – sharing the humour of our 2 years with her.  It was truly the most cathartic experience.    I remembered her with smiles, not tears.

Gracias Wendy!  You and Brenda are amazing at what you do. Thank you to you both!   I will do whatever I can to support what you are doing here – helping not only ourselves and Mya but others, who – like us – really do care.  

8 thoughts on “Cathartic – DoWoo #264/365

  1. Wendy

    I thought I was getting into dog rescue only to help the dogs in need but meeting you and your wonderful family has made me realize there is so much more to it. Gracias right back atcha!

  2. Cassandra O'Neal

    There are tears of joy as well and those are the tears of remembrance.
    Tears of sorrow are, in truth, tears of regret.
    So happy for you to have had the opportunity to celebrate Mya in your life in this way.
    Cassandra O’Neal recently posted…PricelessMy Profile

  3. lydia johnson

    Mya has become so much more than a pet….her role has consistently helped shape Gregory’s life, learnings and love. What a great dog she is and will be for another perfect family.


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