Disappearing Present – DoWoo #266/365

This is my 100th last blog – meaning I now have….


Happy Dance!  Can you hear the song…”99 blogs left on the site, 99 blogs left on the site, If I write one more blog on this site, how many are left to be wrote?” 

This constant movement towards something reminds me of what Gregory declared during a conversation he had with Walter this evening – repeated for my benefit so I may “DoWoo” about it.  

“There is no such thing as the present because by the time you think of it, it is the past.” He went on to explain that “there is a lot of past but even more future and very little present.”   It appears our son has been listening to us.  Time is ever evolving. 

Walter counsels that in order to have your best life, you only need to do one thing….make every moment the best it can be. All life is, is a cumulation of individual moments.    We need to make it count. 

How did I make today count? 

Today I started the day drinking coffee (a few sips just so I said I did) whilst sitting in the big comfy leather couch, while my men slept in.  I proceeded to make pancake breakfast once they were up – our last in the house.  We cheered our last Sunday family breakfast here.  

Today I moved forward towards our dream.  It feels good to make each moment in the present count for your most memorable past, charging towards our future.  

How did YOU make today count? 

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