Relabeling – DoWoo #267/365

The count down is getting a bit scary…no exciting…scary…exciting!    I remember being coached during the Master Key on reviewing the feelings within my core whenever I felt scared versus excited and the amazing recognition that they each feel just about the same.   Recently, each time I have felt what I used to call “scary” (the unknown we are jumping into with all 6 of our feet) I have immediately told myself it is not scary, I’m just “excited”.  

me wafflingBottom line is we ALL have the ability to choose what we label these feelings.  I’ve recognized this ability and am working on it – it just may take a bit of time to totally adjust within my subconscious mind. BUT…it is possible. 

Over the past 5.5 months we’ve experienced what I’ve repeatedly referred to as the rollercoaster.  Other options Walter and I have used to describe this are sine waves and the EKG machine which tracks your heart beats.  I still prefer the rollercoaster since climbing to the top can seem like it takes forever but once you are there, the drop and roll to the next peak can be so very quick.  

As we wrap up the house stuff and get ready for our stint at the hotel, I have been considering all sorts of surprises for the family in order to make this next step the adventure it should be.  For Gregory we’ve got his friends lined up for a surprise early birthday pool / water slide party, we’ve arranged for family and friends to join us at the Mandarin (Gregory’s favourite “Chinese Buffet”) and yesterday I purchased tickets to the local amusement park – Canada’s Wonderland.  AND guess what the main attractions are??  

roller coastersROLLERCOASTERS!  

I look forward to solidifying my relabeling of the “rollercoaster” feelings – excitement, excitement, excitement!   


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  1. Sandra Owen

    I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! So totally with you on the rollercoaster analogy Carolynn. It has been a long slow pull to the top, and then arghhhh hold on baby here we gooooo!!!!!! My heart is bursting with excitement for you. Have a great party and enjoy your mini hotel holiday
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