3am WakeUp – DoWoo #268/365

clockI have been waking up earlier and earlier each of the last few days.  It started last week when I woke up before the alarms, then 5;30 and 5, yesterday was 4:30 and this morning it was 3. Once I wake, my mind starts spinning on all the stuff which needs to be sorted or packed – and then there is the business reports with came through in droves all due within a short period of time – while I still needed to do other stuff around the house.  

Since there are only 24 hours in a day – I’ve gotten up!  

It’s amazing how much more productive I’ve felt – being able to get either the sorting/packing or my work done before anyone else is even out of bed.  I like this routine.  I’ve even enjoyed a bit of coffee the last few days (makes me feel zippy!).  The only ‘not so nice’ part is my eyes start to get droopy around 8 or 9pm.  After we ate dinner tonight, I was falling asleep in my chair! 

This too shall pass! 

anchorWe are on a roll.  Today my brother came over with his trailer, loaded all the bins we had packed and moved them into our storage locker. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m getting excited and today I felt a bit of that excitement – when I stood in front of the 5x10x8 locker (yes, we had to upgrade from our intended 5x5x8) looking at our stuff – realizing this stuff was a representation of our life – what we felt we needed to keep.  Everything else – no more anchors holding us down!

Onward my friends! Onwards! 

3 thoughts on “3am WakeUp – DoWoo #268/365

  1. Able

    Just wanted to pop in to let you know I still come and read your blog then and there… And to say that I am SOOOO EXCITED!!! For you guys 🙂 I know you guys must be super busy and I will keep coming back to stay tuned! Feels almost like I’m moving there with you, haha!

    And I am well too–travelling has been really good for me 🙂


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