Stripped – DoWoo #269/365

Last week when everything was coming to a head and we were giving Mya up to the rescue organization and my roller coaster just seemed too much for me, I gave a call to my friend in Scotland.  As is typical I did not reach her directly (very busy lady) but she called me back today. 

This woman is someone I connected with at work about 15 years ago. We got to hang out in England when I was there on business and we worked for the same company – that was in 2001. We did not see each other again until 2008 and I am hoping to see her this year – when she comes to visit in September.  It’s amazing how I feel connected to someone I only see every 7 years! 

In sharing all our news, she commented that by stripping ourselves of our personal belongings it is taking away what we believe to be our personality – what makes us who we are. However, once stripped, we become more of who we really are.  

I told her I did not wish to arrive in Costa Rica naked – to which she laughed of course! But I get where she is going with this.  It’s like Walter’s analogy of anchors.  We need to release the things which hold us or restricts us – in order to allow ourselves to be truly revealed.  

What I realized is that our son does not have the same attachments and we could do well by emulating him.  He was in his room, no furniture, his clothes in a plastic drawer stand, his mattress on the floor, his computer set on a folding TV tray and he was sitting on a footstool – all the while  singing along with his music.  Now THIS is someone who has been strippped of all his belongings – his anhcors – and each morning he rises with the same enthusiasm as usual. 

Our son inspires me!

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  1. Sandra Owen

    How lovely. It’s a Great Adventure. But his security in what is happening also comes from his confidence and se unity in your love, belief and trust too. He is learning by example too. Soooo excited for you all. Sorry I for to email, things have been a bit manic. I will do it shortly. Xx
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