24 Hour Non-Drowsey – DoWoo #26/365

531629Had a number of ear, eye, nose and throat symptoms this week …which after a few days we decided to try Claritin. This is not something I’ve used more than once. ¬†So maybe it would help. ¬†Walter came home with a package of non-drowsy 12 hour Claritin. However, he explained – there were choices: what he brought home and a double dose with the package reading “non-drowsy 24 hour Claritin”.

I ask you….Why would someone with allergies wish to stay in a non-drowsy state for a full 24 hours?

Feel free to elaborate on your position – I’m asking your opinion (since I’m attempting to remain without opinions). Cheers!

1 thought on “24 Hour Non-Drowsey – DoWoo #26/365

  1. Walter Sokil

    I wonder if they have some sort of guarantee? Brilliant observation. Hard to have no opinion! Thanks you for the smile.


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