2,000 Words – DoWoo #337/365

We may be slow…but supposedly we already know over 2,000 words in Spanish.   

spanishbeginnersWe started listening to Michael Thomas’ version of learning Spanish and am thoroughly enjoying it. Within 30 minutes all three of us were creating simple sentences which we can use. A few things we learned: 

Many words are very similar/similar (English/Español).  Once you become familiar/familiar with the active/activo vocabulary/vocabulario you will immediately/inmediatamente recognize how much you truly comprehend/comprender.  Many of these words are the same other than slight nuances in the endings and and the pronunciation/pronunciación. 

Are you with me?  Pretty cool huh?

One of the areas I struggle with as a parent is balancing Gregory’s use of electronics compared to non-electronic play time.  Today I came up with an idea.  Each day Gregory is to write out which new Spanish words he has learned at school and what the English meaning was.  The minimum is 3.  Anything over 3 is to be considered bonus work and will result in electronic time. Today he wrote out 9 sentences at school.  Woo hoo!  Between what he learns in school and what we learn with our CD training…we are well on our way! 

Es possible para mi!

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