Visitors – DoWoo #339/365

W & C3 peepsWe had our first visitors today.  A couple we took the Master Key Experience with a few years ago. They reached out to us a few weeks ago to let us know they would be travelling to Costa Rica on vacation. Turns out they are staying just up from one of the beaches we visited so we understood what the drive would be like time wise.  A warm welcome to Don & Kathy Ketterhagen.  

In drafting up helpful hints on how to get to the main town close to us, I realized we had started to understand a bit of how to communicate about where we now live. Today, while sharing our space and our surrounding countryside, I recognized we also had connected quite a bit with the community – both expat and locals – in the 8 weeks we’ve lived here. I observed we were able to answer most of the questions about the surrounding area, sharing stories and history which had been shared with us. 

Don and Kathy had 2 things they wished to purchase – a hat and a bag of coffee.  The coffee was easy – one of the local grocery stores carried the brand which had been recommended.  The hat we had to ask about.  Turns out they could be found at the feed store, which Walter knew from having purchased cat food.  They even offered choices.  AND in the process Walter managed to purchase a pair of rubber boots (a must here if you ever wish to walk in the jungle).  Mission accomplished.  

We are in a world of people – connecting and sharing.  Imagine if that is all we ever had to do? 

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2 thoughts on “Visitors – DoWoo #339/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Yay how lovely to have your first MasterKey visitors. The first of many. 🙂 wow 8 weeks already!! Time certainly flies when you’re having fun. Remember when you only had 8 weeks left in Canada to finish sorting everything for your move, the garage sales, leaking pipes and what to pack! You’ve come so far the other side these are are meer distant memories and your future is bright and beautiful. You’re awesome! ??✈️?❤️
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