I Am Here – DoWoo #340/365

you are hereIt’s amazing how when I set a goal and have a clear vision of what I wish to accomplish, I reach it.  When I was unclear or waffled in my desire this may have been where things started to go astray.  

This DoWoo journey however is one of the largest long time visions which I created in my mind, it was clear and concise, had time restrictions and now I’m in the home stretch! 

The Master Key Experience has taught me many things. But clearly identifying and putting your vision into words, picturing it with all its nuances materialized, then living it daily, knowing “I’ve got this!”, and allowing the Universe to assist, knowing it will unfold as it was meant to….this is powerful. 

Consistent Implementation is the key. Without it, I run the risk of falling short.

In considering what I did with my DoWoos, I ensured I blogged daily. No exceptions were made. Walter’s mum’s passing or mine. Living in a hotel. Having no internet connection at the house. Flying to another country. No exceptions.  

Concentrating on having observations rather than opinions remains a daily journey – but having identified and then pondered this daily has allowed me to become more in tune with my thoughts – and to redirect them when necessary.  

With 25 blogs left to write to complete this specific undertaking, I am now considering what to undertake next.  It is not a question of whether I will continue to blog – this has become a part of my daily life – it is a matter of what.   Feel free to make suggestions.  I’m open to hearing your thoughts.  

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3 thoughts on “I Am Here – DoWoo #340/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Wahoo and well done Carolynn. Still feeling so in sync with your thoughts as I too have experienced how clarity and clear vision has really helped. As well as my main DMP I decided to start writing a mini weekly DMP on a Sunday evening for the week, in exactly the same way, as if the week had already happened. I have amazed myself at the ease and effortless way it has all unfolded. A Ma Zing!! Getting good at knowing how to use the Laws ???
    Sandra Owen recently posted…Week C18 – Mental SunshineMy Profile

  2. Walter

    I admire your “stick-to-itiveness” (spell-check says this is not a word so I can’t use it in Scabble).
    Sandra, I love your Weekly DMP!
    Being a participant in this journey is where I belong. If I stop seeing Dowoo it will feel like a part of daily life is gone. My suggestion is ‘keep going’.


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