Flow – DoWoo #341/365

Going with the flow is one of those “not so much” character traits.  It is something I aspire to and I recognize I am getting better.

Blue-Woman-in-Water--55473Today I reminded myself of this aspiration numerous times.  The first when I was unable to obtain the information I needed for a report. I had contacted 4 people: 1 replied she was unable to assist, 2 had not responded at all and 1 responded wanting to know if they would receive actual business for their efforts. Luckily I flowed and found another person to reach out to and voila, within an hour and a half I had what I needed. 

Working away, I received a facebook message from the realtor who has the house listed. The note explained there was a buyer wanting to see the house within the hour.  We had been told by the homeowners we would have a days notice.  The realtor explained that’s not usually how it works here – with buyers dropping in with their list and wanting to go see houses right away. She gave us the option to say no, but we want to ensure we do whatever we can to assist the homeowner to find a buyer. We quickly cleaned, swept, put away, organized and made sure the house was looking good.  The buyers weren’t here for long but we managed to put the house’s best foot forward. And not only did the wind reduced enough to make everything calm, the sun came out to allow the view to show its best side. 

Sandstone patterns - Vermillion Cliffs National Wilderness Area.

Sandstone patterns – Vermillion Cliffs National Wilderness Area.

I completed a review of someone’s verbiage today.  My new coach gave me advice which was different than the advice I have received prior.  My first reaction was to state that this was a 180 on what I had been taught already…but then I asked myself “What good would come of including this?”  The answer – nada.  I responded that I would work within the stated guidelines. 

Then as I went to sit down at my computer this evening, I realized the internet is down. After blogging yesterday about no excuses, Gregory commented that I could just go wherever there was internet.  I then remembered there was the backup option. We set it up and I managed to log on so I could post this.  

While this week has certainly not progressed as I anticipated, with numerous challenges to test my mettle (especially during the #CBHF time of the month), I recognize reacting truly does nobody any good. When I embrace the law of least effort and allow, things fall into place. 


If you too wish to go with the flow – or find something or someone to flow with – then the Master Key Experience could assist.  There is a limited number of scholarships available.  To hear about this 2 days prior to the masses, include your details below.

MKE Coming Soon Final

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