Where To Find The Hero – DoWoo #344/365

A hero is described as one who acts with extraordinary courage.  The Serenity Prayer includes a request for having “courage to change the things I can”.  If heroes have extraordinary courage…what things would a hero do with my life?

When I worked 10-12 hours at the office, I imagine a hero would help me find something to do which I still enjoyed while eliminating long hours and stress. 

Realizing I have more bills at the end of the month than income (anyone with me here?), I could see a Hero would help me organize my income and my expenses to be in synch with each other – and ensure I had enough disposable income left over to have fun travelling and doing what I truly wish to do.

Better yet, my Hero would help me figure out what I really wanted to do…and then work alongside me to do exactly that.

So where do I find a Hero?  

grad in mirror

Being the hero of my life, I chose to sell almost everything I own and travel to another country to provide a different life for myself and my family. I no longer work in an office for 10-12 hours a day. I have money at the end of my month. If I want to go to the beach – I do.  If I want to spend the morning laying in, cuddling with my husband – I do so. I am able to have breakfast with my son, be available when he comes home from school, spend time playing games and be a full-time mom each and every day.  I work at what I love and I love what I do. 

I learned many things being a student of the Master Key Experience.  The major lesson…I am THE hero in my own life.  Now, as a Master Guide, I get to help others become heroes in their own lives. What an amazingly cool way to spend my day.  

What would a Hero do with your life?

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