Blue Skies – DoWoo #347/365

Started today waking up to bright light streaming in our eyes. Typically the morning sun lights up our space but is muted through the ever present clouds.  I like clouds.  It is what allows the scenery to alter so drastically – making each day a variable smorgasbord of visual delights.

This morning though…there were blue skies and bright sunlight at 6am!! 


I took this video with my phone and immediate shared it with Facebook.  I’ve come a long way from not knowing anything about Facebook a year ago.

Most mornings we are up between 5 and 5:30 but last night we were up for a few hours, in the middle of the night, to chase a good spot to view the meteor shower. We ended up with the best view about 5 minutes from where we reside – and saw 12 ‘shooting stars’ in about 15 minutes.  Hence why we were sleeping in when the sun hit us. 

I felt at peace today.  The day progressed as it was meant to. Nothing required me to be in a rush.   I had time for myself, my hubby, my son.  I even had a visit on the phone with someone locally.  

Nothing earth shattering to observe.   I felt in rhythm with myself and my surroundings. It is a nice space to reflect upon. The entire day was filled with blue skies – all the way to sun set.  


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