Adjustment Required – DoWoo #348/365

4sticksOne of the things Walter and I recognized when he was little – he is very literal.  He once counted 4 pieces of stick – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.  When I asked him to only count them once. He looked down at the sticks and said 1 – then looked up at me to confirm he had done what I asked.

When you ask him a question, he answers the question you asked – typically giving you only the facts as they relate to the specifics of the question. Nothing extraneous. Today was nothing new.  

literalThese past two weeks Gregory has been coming home early – saying school is finished. Most times it is because school is over (just part of the culture here).  Today it just seemed a bit odd. When we asked he explained one of the kids, who (we found out) has been less than welcoming to Gregory at school, told him to call his parents and go home.   It was over an hour early. This particular kid then remained at school.  Huh??

We also ascertained that – other than the 3 friends he has connected with – most of the kids in his class are not so impressed.  When one of his friends asked him to play soccer, the other kids have pushed him towards the bench telling him to sit.  It may be that he is different, does not speak the language…so many options.  How are we supposed to coach him if we don’t know all the facts? 

So, we talked and we talked and we talked.  It was like pulling teeth how slow the information came. I eventually sat down with Gregory one-on-one and explained I was confused, things were not adding up, I asked him to be clear and give us all the information. 

worldSome of the details he was providing were not recent – from when he first started. Turns out some of the kids are coming around. He explained each day it gets 0.1% better.  It’s slow but it is getting better.  Whew!  

It is a new world we live in.  We are all learning to adapt.  Since Gregory is the one going to school for 4 hours each week day – he may have the most to adapt to.  Walter and I agreed we will chat with the school and find out how things are going. Check to see if there is something more we can do to help. Another day of learning. 

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