Difference of Opinion – DoWoo #34/365

flessNot that I had an opinion…LOL…maybe it was a just a difference of perspective.  Walter was at a regional training for his business today. I figured Greg and I could go walk around a flee market – something we’ve never done before.  He likes “family time” and he likes “garage sales” and doesn’t mind “shopping” as long as there is something, somewhere, in there for him. So I figured we could go to a place I have not been in probably 10 years and walk around on a rainy day.  I had planned to give him $20 to allow him to find something he would like to purchase. 

When we arrived it was not open for another hour  Decided we’d go shoe shopping at Walmart (kids feet continue to expand in length – go figure!).  He decided he would much prefer to spend $20 on Pokemon cards which he had not done in a while. I acquiesced with the agreement that we would not open the Pokemon until we were done at the flee market – just in case he found something he wanted to purchase there as originally intended.

He was a trooper as we walked around the first of four buildings. He found nothing he wanted. In actual fact he did not really look at anything. When I wanted to go to the next building he asked to go home (obviously to open his Pokemon). We agreed on 15 minutes and he immediately set his watch alarm for the allotted time. After giving me the count down at least 4 times over the course of 15 minutes – we left, went home, and he asked to open his purchase. 

Focus-On-Your-DreamsWhat I observed today was a boy who knew exactly what he wanted, figured out a way to get it, went along with the requirement, ignoring all other possible temptations and focused on the final outcome.  

I was just along for the ride. But what a ride I’m on. 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

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