Onwards – DoWoo #351/365

Two things today – one serious and one, well not-so-serious. Most people like to here the not-so-serious aspect first.  I won’t speculate on why – just chalk it up to human nature. 

In dealing with Gregory today on a few things, and upon reflection of the last few days conversations with him, I realize I may be expecting too much from my 10 year old. Walter reminds me I have a tendency to be hard on myself – and I really need to lighten up, be kind to myself.   If I do this with Gregory, what kind of meme-infested foundation am I helping him build? Am working on a few areas where I can recognize where I’m going so I can switch lanes and be more focused and observant in my guidance. Avoid being the hard-ass my father was with me. I need to be kind to myself and therefore I can be kindness to my son. 

In speaking with a colleague of mine this morning, I commented about blood types (we were discussing the possibility that mosquitos and other biting bugs are attracted by heat and/or blood type. I commented Gregory and I are the same type – Walter is B+ (said “Be Positive”). Now that is very true. Walter is a very positive person.  Then I thought…hmmmm, well Gregory and I are as well – but we are O- (“oh, negative”)…BAM! It hit me. We were “No Negatives!” – the zero being a nothing symbol. We were an family math equation: B+ O- = Happiness! 

carolynn head shotOnwards.
I have so much to learn. To allow. To embrace.

Thank you for allowing me to share. 

Please comment if any of what I write about resonates.
Connecting with others is part of what makes me tick. 

1 thought on “Onwards – DoWoo #351/365

  1. Walter

    We are all one and the basic laws laws of physics always apply (energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only change form). the more positive energy we emit an equal amount of negative energy is displaced.
    Every bit is important. Thank you Carolynn for your daily contributions.


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