The Universe Took Care of Me – DoWoo #353/365

universeToday turned out to be a very interesting day. Walter had a friend coming over to jam. Walter suggested I take Gregory out to shop for something for his friend’s birthday this weekend.  I did not wish to go. I dragged my heels and found lots of other more pressing business to take care of.  THEN…the Universe gradually showed me why. 

  • Shortly after lunch I received a note from a friend asking whether I wanted to drop by for cappuccino and a visit.  I jumped at the chance to get out – much more to my liking that shopping in town (I know…I’ve come a long way from my shop-a-holic days!)
  • While we were sipping our wonderfully amazing cappuccinos, Walter called to let me know he was no longer having a visitor over. 
  • During our coffee visit I remembered to ask where I may find shirts for boys in town.  I’ve not done much shopping in Tilaran. She mentioned a shop a friend’s relative owned and gave me directions. 
  • I called Walter as I was leaving to let him know I was on my way back and did he want to go into town with me to shop.  Sure!
  • On they way there I received a call to stop for something.  I ended up picking up a whole bag of limones (lemons) – FREE FOOD! 
  • Walter had decided to go outside to wait for me. With my delay getting home, he had time to visit with the father of the birthday boy.   Walter and I had asked previously what he may like and his father advised anything soccer.  Today the father happened to be wearing a shirt from their favourite team – both he and his son love it.
  • Now Walter knew what to look for…but would we find that specific shirt in a town of 9,000 people? 
  • We arrived into town and parked in front of the shop my friend had suggested.  
  • When I got out of the car I noticed another store about 1/2 a block away on the other – and it looked like they too sold clothing.
  • The first shop had a few soccer type shirts but for men.  The children’s shirts were just t-shirts. Nothing which really jived with what we were looking for. We thanked the owner and departed. 
  • I suggested we walk up to the other store I had noticed. Walter asked where and I pointed it out to him. 
  • 20150819_203248Walking into the second store, what do we see – hanging up on the wall in front of us – 1 soccer shirt…and (I’m sure you figured this out) it was the same shirt the father had been wearing – just smaller – the perfect size for Gregory’s friend.  WOW!
  • Then as we were leaving…there was another store across the street which just happened to catch my eye.  We went in and found a doll for the little boy’s sister (whose birthday party is the same day!). 

THIS is how the Universe took care of me today.  Had I not dragged my heels, I may have gone into town. The chances of me finding the first shop let alone the second were slim as I would not have gone that far over.  Had I gone before all the other events, Walter may not have had an opportunity to see the father wearing the shirt we should be looking for.

So many twists and turns. AND to elaborate on how it all makes sense…during my conversation with my friend over cappuccino, I had mentioned my belief that when things do not go the way you want them to…sometimes it is because everything else needs to fall into alignment to get you to the best part of what you needed – you just may not have realized it!  

I am most grateful!  


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