When It Rains – DoWoo #358/365

I worked diligently on 2 reports today – both somewhat challenging. I personally enjoy being challenged because it keeps me on my toes – makes my brain work!  Today however I chose to shut down a tiny bit early (balance – I maintain work life balance) in order to play scrabble with my two men.  

One of the things I may have commented on prior – I know I’ve said it outloud – is the benefit of being able to watch the weather where we are.  When you are in the city, you can sometimes see a dark cloud in the distance, and the hear wind in the trees before it actually ruffles your hair…but here you can literally watch it come towards you.  From where we are, to the other side of the lake, is about 7 km…and then there is a few more kilometers of forest and mountains in the distance. We have a clear line of site to watch clouds roll in, sun shine down in one spot and move to another, rain coming cross the water like a grey wall.  I’ve even watched the rainbow come towards us – so we became the spot someone else was seeing that rainbow. As a weather man’s daughter I get a serious kick out of this and think of my dad fondly whenever we pause to appreciate what is going on around us. 

The rain the last few days has been consistently intermixed with sun, cloud, blue skies and wind – sometimes everything all at once . Today, while I sat at the table playing scrabble with my men, it was brightly sunny and then the rain came…but the sun did not disappear!  It was raining while the sun was shining.  I love it when it does that. 

I take time tonight to remind myself all things, no matter what they are, have the ability to be appreciated.  I just need to keep my eyes open for where the rainbow is going to show up. Today it was while I chose to spend time with my men. 

when it rains

For the last 2 years I have been blessed to have been involved in the Master Key Experience. This course has given me the ability to think positively in the face of challenges.  And if I don’t like how something appears to me, I have the tools to adjust how I look at it, and ultimately I can find that silver lining…my rainbow.

Your rainbow is waiting.  For more information on the Master Key Experience – and to be first in line for early notification, please share your details (in top right).  No spam provided.  Promise!  

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