Serafina – DoWoo #36/365

Did not get to spend as much time as usual with my son this evening.  Luckily he was still slightly awake when I went into kiss him goodnight. 

He said “Mommy, Daddy asked me to remind him every day by asking him about Serafina.” Serafina is the name of our daughter, whispered to me during one of my contemplative sits by our source.  She is part our future reality we live and embrace now.  Interesting that Walter thought to ask our 9 year old to remind him daily of our dream.  Greg is VERY good at keeping us on track for whatever we ask of him.  

I asked: “Daddy spelled your sister’s name with a PH and I spelled it with an F. What do you think?” And in the wisdom indicative to children he replied “An F. It’s simpler.” 


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