Connections – DoWoo #372/365

Sitting down this evening, after a day filled with the Master Key Experience, I pondered what I observed today.  What has kept popping into my head recently is rhythm.   Costa Rica has a rhythm. The day has a rhythm.  I have rhythm.  And I’m not referring to being able to dance! Although I do believe I can do some of that.

I’m talking about the ebb and flow of life.
How things move.
How we are all connected.

So many of us move through out day believing ourselves to be singular – separate from the whole.  It does not matter who we are, where we are, what we are doing – we are always somehow in rhythm with something, someone, someplace.

connectionsI’ve had a few instances lately of recognizing my intuitive ability.  Two ladies I have had interactions with – one over 2 years and another just this past year – I thought “I need to connect you two. Not sure why but I do.” So I did.  A week after I did this, they were paired to work together (by someone else) on a project independently of my involvement.

Yesterday I was speaking with one of these same ladies and again I had a feeling I needed to connect her with another person I know.  I spoke to the next person and it turns out she had just lost one of her dogs in an accident.  The first friend does intuitive healing/counselling and works with animals.  My second friend has another dog left behind who was their litter mate, their twin.  The connection needed to be made.

Today I had a lovely conversation with yet another young lady, someone we were introduced to here but is now back in the US.  It started because I saw an advert for a microphone and speaker. Walter went to look at it and only purchased the microphone stand but in doing so connected with the owner on many levels – she reminding us of our good friend Yogi.  She invited us for dinner and also invited a couple who were staying at her other house for a month. Turns out we had so much in common, could have talked for hours. 

New friends.
A wonderful space to live!


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