What It Is! – DoWoo #373/365

We have been in Costa Rica for almost 3 months now. During this time I have observed repeatedly that things are not always what they seem. This tends to result from a variety of areas.

  • What the situation actually is.
  • What someone reveals the situation to be when they share it, based upon their perspective.
  • What we perceive the situation to be based upon our own filters and perspective.
  • AND….What the situation actually is.

We choose to allow information to be processed and received and take what we determine to be of importance to us. However, what is important at one moment may not be important the next.

no internetThis evening I’m sitting here writing my blog without internet.  We have the house internet and the back-up internet hub and neither is working.  While I have met my goal of 365 blogs in 365 days, I also do not want to miss even one day unless I have no other choice…because I know how easy it is to fall off the routine. If I miss one day, then it may be ok to miss another, and soon I’ll ask why I’m doing this – and I may fall too far off my desired route.

My importance in this matter is my commitment to record observations. I recognize I’m not always able to remain opinion free and I accept this as part of my growth.  So when something which is key to my daily routine (ie: internet) is not available – then I choose to go find it.  I also observe that this will be resolved. At this point I am not completely sure how but I know I will be working with consistent internet for my business requirements – even if it means we move!

I’m going to hop in the car and drive to a few points I know have internet and post this.  If you are reading this…you know I was successful.  Have a day filled with being grateful for what we do have and recognize that things may not always be what they appear to be – they may be just what they are!

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