A Shift – DoWoo #374/365

Had a significant realignment happen today.  

As you know Dr. Wayne Dyer recently passed.  I received an email stating “Wayne Dyer passed away on August 30th. August 30, 1974 was, in fact, what Wayne considered the most important day of his life. It was the day that Wayne went to the grave site for the father he never met in Biloxi, Mississippi. After going to his father’s grave, he wrote Your Erroneous Zones in 14 days, and his life changed forever.  So Wayne passed away exactly 41 years after the most important day of his life.  We have a film that we produced with Wayne at Hay House about this time in his life called, My Greatest Teacher, which shows the amazing events that took place in order for Wayne to even get to his father’s grave and how it changed him forever.”

Dr. W

I watched My Greatest Teacher . I got choked up.  I cried.  What I found surprising – recognizing my own father and myself in the portrayal of the younger Wayne. It was like I took a part of a similar journey with him including the moment of recognition and clarity.  Another day of observation and readjustment.  A step closer to being the person I am meant to be. 

Gregory called Walter numerous times today from school. He is struggling. Walter spoke with the teacher and found out when Gregory was first at the school he had been using his tablet at school, not for translation and connecting with the other kids, but for playing games by himself. Recently, without having his tablet at school, he is trying to now connect with the other kids and they don’t want to play with him. He did not use his initial time in the new school well.  He recognizes this but as many 10 year old boys with electronics – he has an addiction which we have not nipped in the bud efficiently. 

Both Walter and I come from a family prone to addiction of some sort. We’ve recognized this within ourselves – I used to LOVE World Mole on my blackberry.  We ended up having a long conversation about addiction. He explains his strategy is to just ignore it. We explained it is not as simple as just ignoring something – that doing so means it’s still there and you are having to exert effort not to pay attention to it. Rather, it is the law of substitution – we replace the one thought with another immediately, therefore creating an enthusiastic response to something which has good results. We are stepping up our language lessons.  This is a significant opportunity for us to show Gregory the power of practice and focus.  Not to mention a tool he can carry with him throughout his life – all leading to positive results.  

I am grateful for today! 

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