Utopia – DoWoo #376/365

(written 9.11.15 but published 9.12.15 due to internet access)

We’re here! Left ‘paradise’ this morning and arrived in ‘utopia’ this evening.  A day filled with going with the flow and allowing it to unfold – having faith in the universe to take care of us.  When we were on the last leg of our journey, driving north to Utopia, I said we were a family of 3 and Walter corrected me…saying we are a family of 4 – the 3 of us and the universe.  So true!

I got to thinking and realized we are never alone. Whether one believes in the source, the universe, or God – we are never alone – our back is covered.  Just like the footprints in the sand where God said during the difficult times, when there was only one set of footprints, He carried the man. 

One of the interesting things we noticed was the vibe of the city – the energy here is different.  We are very blessed to have found this space for the 2 weeks we are here.  We are about an hour north of the city, sitting on over 60 acres with our hosts in the main house, a stone’s throw away – but allowing for our own private space.  Peace!

Driving on the highway, at 120 km/h (ish) with a sea of red tail lights in front of us, transport trucks surrounding us, another steady stream of white head lights coming towards us – felt strange.  I recognized the memory but it felt a bit surreal.

Looking forward to seeing what we put into storage, visiting friends and family and…my massage therapist.  I miss Don.  He is the absolute best at what he does.  I’m sure more revelations are on their way.  I’m happy to be here and with my men. Blessings abound!

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