Zen-Like Moment – DoWoo #378/365

Saw my father-in-law today and took him out for lunch at the Kimono Chinese Buffet. I truly love going there. For the almost 13 years I have been involved with the family all special occasions are celebrated at the local buffet. Today the owner’s wife commented on how much Gregory has grown – she remembers running to get the highchair whenever he was toddling in.  Later, Gregory came back to the table without desert – he commented there was no Jello.  Since he was old enough to have Jello, he’s been eating it there, his grandmother made Jello for each and every visit after she recognized how much he loved Jello at the restaurant.  We questioned whether there would be Jello soon to which she explained they have stopped making it.  Turns out little ones play with the Jello and make an absolute mess with it going all over the floor.  He made the best of it and returned the second attempt with 3 different cakes to eat. 

I have observed these last 2 days that a part of the busyness of this location still appeals to some latent peptide deep within me.  It called to me. It asked me to join it in is busyness and create that feeling of being on the treadmill.  Interestingly I only observed this after I had already chosen to stay aligned with my more-zen-like new blueprint.  The new blue print won but it allowed me to see the process so I could embrace in the unconsciously competent victory.

The Master Key Experience showed me how shift my environment to where it is meant to be to allow for my purpose, my dharma, to unfold.   I am grateful to be here. I am exactly where I am meant to be.

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