Day of Discovery – DoWoo #379/365

Chose to stay in Utopia today to get work done. By doing so I was able to connect with our hostess and her other guests. I learned so much. We started with a different form of yoga – out on the grass, in the early morning sun! Heaven. 

After work and a shared lunch with our hosts, Gregory and I checked out the pool and hot tub. She using microbes which maintain the water balance. I chatted with her a bit on this – but in so doing, realized I was only touching on the tip of the information available on this subject. 

This evening we had a fire (ohhhh, how we’ve missed our fires) under the stars – a clear night – absolutely wonderful. We met a young couple who are partners in a vegetarian restaurant and healing centre down the street.  We spoke on a variety of subjects. They have much they are passionate about.   It was enlightening.  

All in all it was a day of discovery and sharing.  What a joyous way to spend a day!

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