Another One Off the List – DoWoo #382/365

Gregory made an exclamation a few weeks ago when we were in Manuel Antonio – he has decided he wants to see every animal in the world in their natural habitat.  One of the things we aim towards is to encourage every idea he has – you just never know where it may lead.  When he said he had a friend we could not see, we asked what was his name and then made him responsible for all his actions (since we could not see him). When he said he wanted to own a restaurant, we asked him what name he would use and what kind of food he would have, raving about the menus he made – with pictures for those who could not read the words. 

20150917_194851_resizedSo far he has seen quite a number of different animals in Costa Rica – all where they live.  

Today he exclaimed he had one more ticked off the list – a beaver.  And what a beaver he was. Walter and I heard something in the woods.   After a lot of rustling we saw the beaver waddle down. He paused at the end of the pond before he slumped into the water. His back looked like a dome – almost a foot high from the ground – with the entire beaver (without the tail) being about 2 feet long – with the tail another 2 feet.  He swam out to the middle and then went over to the dock. He eventually had a late night snack over on the side of the pond near the dock.  

While it was dusk, we were able to get a few shots and a video.  Gregory was ecstatic for the experience.  

You never know what you may find in Utopia!  

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