A + Choice – DoWoo #384/365

If you’ve read my blog faithfully you’ve read about my passion for “It is my pleasure” when saying “you are welcome” when someone else says “thank you”.   In Costa Rica everyone says either “con gusto” or “con much gusto” – with much pleasure.  Being back in Canada we’ve heard a lot of “no problem” being bantered around.  We continue to share, when someone appears to be open to the share, the concept of sharing positive words rather than negative words . 

Today we recognized a new twist.  When someone asks “how are you?” many people answer “not bad” while some say “pretty good”.  Amazing!  They are basically the same but similar to the glass half full and glass half empty concept.   One tends to elicit the response of not wanting to know more and the other interest in what’s going on.  

Earlier this week a friend in Costa Rica shared this cartoon.  I love it – especially because I truly love floating on my back with my hands behind my head – floating without a care.  It is so peaceful and soothing.  


We learn within the #MasterKeyExperience through Charles Haanel words are the highest form of architecture.  In walking through life we have a choice how we share and how we live. If you have a choice…why not make it positive? 


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  1. Sandra Owen

    It’s so great when you start noticing all the little things we at and finding ways to say them better. Love the cartoon picture. ? go with the flow and trust everything is always working out. Have really enjoyed following your posts, even if I haven’t always been able to read every day. So excited about this years MasterKey session. ??? happy dancing x
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