Family Unit – DoWoo #385/365

Gregory had an opportunity to visit his friend for the weekend. They have not seen each other for 3 months and since we left, his friend moved to another area of town and a new school so does not have many friends yet.  They were ecstatic to see each other. 

The intent was to allow us alone time – what I did not expect was to miss him as much as I did. He used to have sleepovers with his friends on a regular basis but has not had any in 3 months. This is not a custom which has been adopted by the Costa Ricans we have met.  Kids play together and then they go home. Some kids have not been away from their family so our offers of including them in our trips to the beach have been graciously turned down. 

24244When we went to pick Gregory up today, I realized I had truly missed his energy during the last 48 hours.  He is typically interacting, playing with us, signing while his is doing whatever he is doing.  His energy is such a positive part of my day. The morning and evening cuddles, the discussions we have, the hugs just because.  I cannot imagine my life without him. 

It appears this trip back to Canada has resulted in a significant realization of what is important to me: Walter and Gregory.  They are my hearts!   Our family unit is now back together and I am feeling great! I am home! 

Interestingly – early today (before we picked up Greg) I was in Walmart and picked up the movie Home to watch this evening.  If you have not watched it – it’s cute!  Good message – all about family!   Hence – “Home”. 

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