Get Out Of Jail FREE Card – DoWoo #386/365

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” – Thoreau Walden.  I’ve heard this quote from a variety of sources and during a wide array of situations – typically referring to people who prefer to stay where they are, even though they are not happy with where they are. 


During the launch of the Master Key Experience (only a few days left) I got to thinking about this quote and realized the part about ‘quite desperation’ may be a bit of an oxymoron.  Many people I’ve interacted with over the years have been quite vocal in their predicament. They complain. They rant. They rave.  They blame everyone and everything (including fate) for their current situation – what they are not happy with.  I’ve observed many of them may be considered desperate but a good portion of may not actually be quiet. 

I was told once you cannot break someone out of jail if they don’t even know they are in jail.  If someone is dissatisfied with their life but have accepted their “lot” – then it may be they don’t know there is a way out…a different space they COULD be in, if only they chose to do something about it.  

I recall having a conversation with someone about 25 years ago. She was complaining about her life, how unhappy she was with her live-in boyfriend, the father of her son and newborn daughter. She was disheartened with how he was treating her older daughters (from her previous marriage).  She did not see anyway out.  She could not afford to raise her kids by herself and felt her boyfriend would come and take her son away from her. She was actually afraid he could be violent.  

I was just about to move into my first apartment by myself – no longer having to share a space with another person.  I had a good job, a car, and could afford a 1 bedroom apartment by myself.  I offered to give up my apartment and move in with her and the kids, help shoulder the expenses and lend a hand in raising the kids – if this would help her situation, she could count on me.  

She turned me down. 

I learned at an early age that people complain but choose to stay. I vowed not to do this. Years later I was with someone who beat me up emotionally and psychologically.  The day it became physical was the day I walked.  It took me years to recover, to rebuild my self-esteem and get my self-respect back. While it was a long road getting to my breaking point, and it took a long time to recover, I did it.  

We talk about people not accepting the call to action – the opportunities which present themselves to change their lives for the better.  I recognize no two situations are remotely alike, no two persons are the same – every situation and every person is unique.   What I also recognize – truly believe – is we were all put here to be the best person we can be, to life our lives to the fullest.  I just don’t understand why someone would choose to settle.  

free cardMany say “It’s hard to leave…to start over.”  I believe it is harder to stay KNOWING things are not what you envisioned for your life.  Dreaming about something and doing nothing about it is the HARD way. Change can be a long road but the end results – PRICELESS!  

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This could be your “get out of jail free” card.  All you have to do is click.  Have a blessed day!  

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