3m Adjustment – DoWoo #388/365

Gregory and Walter were departing quite early this morning to go down and visit Walter’s dad. We were putting stuff into the car for drop off when Gregory said he was looking forward to going back to Costa Rica. Why?  “‘Cause it’s cold here!”

It was only 40 degrees F / 4 degrees C at that time of the morning.   You could see our breath in the morning air.  However…right now, it’s about 77 F / 25 C with the sun shining brightly in my eyes.  Welcome to the first day of fall in southern Ontario, Canada!

While it’s typical for us to experience these weather shifts, it only took us 3 months to get used to the weather in Costa Rica.  Where we are renting, it ranges from about 20 to 28 (including overnight).

I was speaking with someone today who emigrated to Canada.  I commented on the pace of the Toronto area compared to Costa Rica – with Toronto being (on my experience) about an 8/10 on the hustle scale compared to CR being about a 3/10.  From her perspective Toronto was laid back compared to where she came from. We agreed going back to your home is a bit of a shock – she too went back to her home country after 3 months and noticed a significant shift.


Having counselled on the cultural shifts which one typically goes through when moving to another country, I understood there were certain stages we would work through.  Being prepared for the shifts did not make them disappear – just allowed us to be a bit more aware so we could deal with them. Coming back after 3 months allowed me to put a lot of what we are learning about ourselves and our environment into perspective.

I am most grateful we were able to do this time here.  I’m with Greg though and am also very grateful we are leaving before it gets any colder.

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