Jimmy’s White Noise – DoWoo #38/365

It is 8:08 on the 8th of October and I am writing about Jimmy – our lucky cricket.  If you’ve been following my DoWoos – we introduced James T Cricket for my 23rd post. Unfortunately he joined our family for only a short period of time. However, after we put James T into the garden we were introduced to another cricket.  Greg named him Jimmy to differentiate. 

Jiminy-Cricket-4Jimmy has been with us for a week now and the most interesting difference is he not only chirps all night long – he chirps all day long too (even when the light shines into the room he is in.  He continues to chirp when we say good morning, put food into his jar, add watered q-tips and even when we move the jar to a different room.  AMAZING! 

white_noise_1_by_falln_stock (1)It has become so consistent it is (almost) like white noise.  I’ve caught myself a few times to listen for him to make sure he is OK.  What I found was that he was still chirping but I was not hearing him.  

Have you ever had a cricket outside your window on a hot summer’s night?  Crickets are not quiet!  So…how could this be? 

How much of what we hear every day has become white noise to us?  What information is reaching our cognitive abilities without us even being aware?  This makes me take pause and reassess my environment.   I wonder…what is your Jimmy White Noise? 

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2 thoughts on “Jimmy’s White Noise – DoWoo #38/365

  1. Walter Sokil

    Power Doo Woo! Think of the people who have the news on all day long at work or at home playing “in the background”. What is their subby’s white noise? It can’t be as nice as having Jimmy.


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