Falling Into Alignment! – DoWoo #391/365

I was writing to a friend of mine in Scotland today when I paused and reviewed what I had typed – “Even though Gregory is only 10 we’re going to include him when we do our daily exercises. My vision is to create something for 10 to 16 year old kids.  Imagine teaching this age group about the power of their mind, allowing them to recognize they can create whatever they imagine, they have the ability to calm their mind and their souls and to fully realize their purpose – all this at such an early age.  To have these tools to carry with them through their entire lives rather than waiting till a later stage of life.  Priceless!”

When I first participated in the Master Key Class I had a vision about 1/2 way through – it was when I did my first bit-strip cartoon – why not teach the kids this stuff!   It was put to the side as what we were both focusing became our reality (Costa Rica). Now it appears I am circling back.

Tonight we had our pizza and a movie night. While searching for a movie on Netflix I came across one from 2005 which I had not noticed before.  “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl”.  

So in keeping with the teachings I’ve learned over the years, what I envision we can help our young teens understand.  The hero is being coached by his guides to go to the dream layer….“Everything that is or was began with a dream.” and to get there you must “travel through the passage of time, catch the train of thought, swim down the stream of consciousness and skate across the sea of confusion, covered in ice.”  going on to say “To put things back in order, just stay positive.”

Towards the end they state “When you make your dreams a reality, reality becomes a dream.” and “Dream a better dream then work to make it real.”

I totally believe what transpired today, the night before the first webinar session of the 2015 Master Key Experience, were my signs to realign and focus on this next stage of my vision – my dharma.  Woo hoo and Whew!  I have my new DMP!

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