Squirreled with a Smile – DoWoo #49/365

As a parent one of the things I struggle with is when our son gets distracted after we have asked him to do something in a timely manner.  We call this being squirreled.  As in the dogs from the movie “Up” whenever they…well, you’d have to have seen the movie to truly appreciate the visual here. 

365c991We prefer not to have to keep repeating ourselves so the current attempt to help motivate him to stay on track is to reduce his electronic time by 15 minutes. We’re not crazy about this option – and are working out the logistics to an alternate reward program rather than the current penalty program.  But, this program is what we have today. We do our best.  

4998342157_7feeffe7ac_zSo, I had asked Greg to finish doing something so he could get to bed. I waited about 15 minutes figuring I’d given him 3x the required time needed. During that time I heard a lot of singing.  Since he does sing while he does stuff I thought nothing of it. When I called out to ask whether he had finished.  There was silence and then he explained he got distracted….by singing. 

I walked over and asked him if he thought we should remove 15 minutes of electronics for his distraction.  To which he answered. “It’s mostly your choice if you want to do it.”  Then he added “It’s mostly my choice because I did it. Now it’s up to you if you want to.”

And he said the entire thing very matter-of-fact-with his usual I’m-having-fun smile firmly in place.  It’s about 15 minutes later (seriously) and I’m typing this so I don’t forget what he said and he’s still in there singing and talking about cool Halloween ideas – even a joke “Why do people hollow out their pumpkins in October? Because it’s Halloween.” 

After having been on the Master Key webinar this evening – during which the team talked about the Law of Giving and Receiving, I am in awe.  I cannot imagine what amazing gifts I gave out to the Universe to deserve receipt of such an amazing gift such as this child.  However, I can say from my heart, my core –  I feel blessed beyond measure and I am most grateful.

3 thoughts on “Squirreled with a Smile – DoWoo #49/365

  1. Heather Plude

    You are blessed! He is such a gift. So glad I got to meet you all in Kauai. When I read about your daily happenings, I can picture him doing this. Enjoy his singing… it’s neat that he can amuse himself with that and other things. Great Dowoo!


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