Pillow Fun – DoWoo #50/365

I was going to entitle this DoWoo “Pillow Fight” when I stopped myself. We were NOT fighting. We were having FUN! Hence the revised title and perception of what we did. 

Gregory has been a very understanding little man with all the commitments Walter and I have made these past few months. We ensure we have some time spent together – focusing on quality and not being too hung up on the quantity. 

family-photos-durbanville-cape-town-vanessa-14I set aside a 20 minute window to spend with Greg  – just he and I regrouping at the end of the day.  This is what ended up being our pillow fun time.  It was hilarious with the both of us back and forth and off and on the main bed, ending up in pillow tussles with the dog gurgle growling beside us – she being unsure what was going on and who to protect. 

I had a blast!   Best 20 minutes of my day.  I am grateful for making today count. 

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