“Time Enough for Love” – DoWoo #60/365

Recently recalled a book read when I was in my late teens. A book I re-read at least 4 more times after that.  Time Enough for Love is written by Robert Heinlein.  Now, I wasn’t into science fiction – finding most authors of this genre to be too fanciful to entertain me. How could I enjoy something if I could not imagine it as a possible reality?  At least that was my limiting thinking back then.   

Robert A. Heinlein_1973_Time Enough For LoveI found Heinlein’s work fascinating.  It always seemed plausible. Even when it was “out there” somehow he made it seem to be reasonably, realistically, plausible.  This particular work, the first one of his novels I read, was about Lazarus Long. Born in 1912.  3rd generation in a wealthy man’s experiment to extend life by encouraging those with a history of long life to marry and procreate with those of a similar history of long life.  The theory to breed longer life genetically. 

It is 2,300 years later. Lazarus has gone back to his home planet to die.   He’s done. He has no further desire to do anything – especially again.  Nothing is new and he’s tired.  He is found close to death when, without his consent, he is partially rejuvenated.  His progeny want him to share his wisdom before he dies. He is the oldest person known being somehow related to the majority of many worlds population. 

Lazarus agrees to complete his rejuvenation if they can imagine something new – something he has never done before.  Then and only then will he agree to extend his life again. 

IMAGINE…being in a position where you have done everything…and mostly likely some things more than, once.  IMAGINE seeing it all.  Tasting it all.  Feeling it all.  Doing it all. Being it all.

How long would it take us?

Do you think 2,300 years would suffice?

If that is the case, do you really think someone who may live around 100 years (if we are lucky) should be spending our precious time being anything other than what we put here to be?   Sound like a good reason to embrace your future reality – your definite major purpose in life – now??

Would love to hear YOUR thoughts!

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