Embrace Song Again – DoWoo #67/365

Generosity was experienced today.  I was given a last minute ticket to go see Sarah Mclachlan this evening.  I had just under 2 hours to wrap up work, eat, dress and leave for downtown. When I was in my seat at Massey Hall, it seemed a bit surreal.  A few hours ago I had no idea I would be doing what I was doing. I paused and asked myself: What is this meant to tell me?  

See I’ve come to realize that we truly need to pay attention.  Messages from the universe, our source, are all around us – telling us what we need to know. We just need to listen.  They are not always blatant and straight forward – sometimes they are unobtrusive.  

Without an answer coming to mind,  I sat back and allowed the ambiance to float through me. Enjoy the moment. 

The first song Sarah sang was called “In Your Shoes”.  I had not heard her new CD therefore did not know any of her new songs.  The lyrics to this one start with “You turn the radio on / Play your favorite song and cry (Cry)” and end with “You turn the radio on / Play your favorite song and sing out so loud“. 

I used to love singing along to Sarah, Nora Jones, Beth Orton and a few others. When did I stop? When did I loose touch with listening and singing.  It used to “pump me up”, feel empowered. Artists Create.  Others identify with their work.  Something resonates within them.  They “Feel” something.  Whatever they were meant to feel. And they now know someone else out there understands their situation – because here is a song which tells them what they need to hear.  

The song talks about “Time for you to walk out walk in your own shoes / Lay down your footprints wherever you choose / Say what’s on your mind with pride / ‘Cause you are your own woman.”

I embrace song again.  I am grateful for the person who shared the ticket.  I am grateful for Sarah Mclachlan with her amazing dharma. I am stepping out! Look out world…Here I come! This is most definitely an observation.  I will not muddy the waters by trying to identify and having an opinion.  I allow and embrace myself again.  Thank you.

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