Which comes first: Faith or Belief? – DoWoo# 68/365

I  recognize my future reality needs to be embraced now.  How else are we to shift the framework of our space in this form other than to alter our thoughts, allowing them to take hold and manifest our vision once we truly believe?  How are we to believe that that which we envision is to become a reality? We must have faith. How does one have faith? We must believe. 

BeliefandFaithFaith and belief. Which comes first? Are they one and the same? Does it really matter?

Mark J teaches us when we combine a thought with belief and feeling, we can alter our reality. Which one do we concentrate on first? In drafting my DMP (Definite Major Purpose), I started with thoughts and then decided whether I believed them to be true and then I added feeling to them. 

Why not start with feeling? If you find a feeling within yourself, something which resonates on a frequency all its own. Identify what that feeling is – describe it.  Then allow the feeling and its description to show you the vision – belief will be entwined already. This vision is my truth.  

Tonight I concentrated on the feeling which runs through me when I listen to a thunderstorms in the distance with rain forest creatures commenting in tune.  The feelings bring visions of living in the rain forest, waking up to the sounds – painting with the sounds in the background – enjoying quiet reflective time with my family – always the sounds in the background.  I am at home in this vision. This vision is my truth. 

1 thought on “Which comes first: Faith or Belief? – DoWoo# 68/365

  1. Walter Sokil

    I think that faith and belief are products of trust in the Universe. You are right! We create our reality through faith, belief and trust.Love the sound of the rainforest.


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