No matter what… – DoWoo #70/365

callReceived a call this evening from a good friend of mine who resides in Scotland. She and I met in 2,000 when we worked for a small division of a global corporation. We bonded a year later when we both worked out of our London office.  Debbie is a wonderful soul who is on a journey of discovery (a hero’s journey I now recognize it to be) and I have the pleasure of calling her my friend – a sister by choice. 

We spoke for almost 90 minutes. The depth of her teachings leave me in awe.  Tonight we spoke of many things but the repetitive message I heard was one of learning to be calm in the midst of chaos.  This is something I get glimpses of. Debbie embodies this teaching and admits one may always continue to try…but ultimately this is ones goal – to be totally calm, at one with the Universal Source, no matter what hell is going on around them.  

Greenhouse_by_Joost_Imagine_800x332being all that we can be, as our source intended us to be, allowing everything to be as it is, live truly in the NOW without concern for future moments or consideration for past moments? How wondrous would it be to have no fear, worry, stress, anxiousness, anger….? If we live in the NOW and allow – we would not know these things.  The “no matter what” would have zero effect on us. 

As Mark J mentioned on tonight’s webcast, we would be in the ZONE: Zero Out Negative Effect. zone_4 (1)

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